The Story of the Seeds

The Story of the Seeds

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Video is compliments of Mark Hendricks

Internet Success System (ISS)


I first heard Mark speak at a conference several years ago and knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was “the man” I needed to learn from.  I had already committed myself to another venture that I eventually had to end due to an automobile accident, but I never forgot about Mark Hendricks!  (THE SEEDS HAD BEEN PLANTED!)


Like Jim in The Story of the Seeds, Mark Hendricks exemplifies integrity, honesty, trust, courage, and every other incredible quality you could possibly look for in a leader.  Thank goodness I joined his Internet Success System – ISS group in October, 2010… and I’m here to tell you that I have NEVER had a regret… in fact, it just keeps getting better and better!


I quickly realized what a “gem” I had discovered and upgraded to his Gold Level.  Then I was placed in a Mastermind Group for beginners like me!… it’s awesome to work with good, honest and caring people.  Kudos to all you guys and gals who have held my hand and walked me through the maze…  Mark, Jonathan, Joe, Chris, Karon, Debbie… THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be at my second Internet Success Conference with Mark in Orlando.  Believe me, I’ll be there with bells and whistles!   I’ve traveled down too many other paths, and now I know that Mark’s Internet Success System works!.. and it works because, like The Story of the Seeds, you are propelling yourself forward with people of the highest integrity…and that is awesome!


May you always have love to share, health to spare and friends who care!


In God We Trust…

As Always, Wishing The Best For You,

Gail Seignious

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