Probiotics Are Critical For A Healthy Gut and A Strong Immune System

Probiotics are friendly bacteria (the good guys!) that help your body to thrive on many levels. Most people don’t realize that 80 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive system, and a strong immune system is your number one defense against ALL disease.  Maintaining a healthy gut is critical if you want to enjoy the benefits of optimal health.

In Greek, the term probiotic means “for life,” and these friendly bacteria help you to digest and assimilate your food.  They have a major influence on hundreds of your genes to improve your immune system and protect you from disease… and that, my friends, leads us to…


Genetic Expression – Epigenetics is a field of medicine that shows how your choices play a significant role in how your genes are expressed. This exciting therapy could change the future of medicine!


Just imagine the possibilities if you could change the instructions to your cells by “unplugging” the not so good guys and “plugging in” the healthy genes.  Making healthier choices with food and beverages and your lifestyle habits could get you “plugged in” to those healthy genes!  Then you will naturally have more protection against chronic disease and illnesses.

Researchers have discovered that by drinking a probiotic-rich beverage, you influence the activity of hundreds of genes in a healthy way.   One way to do this is to start adding probiotics foods and beverages into your diet to build up the “good guys” in your gut and support your healthy genetic expression.


If you want to supercharge your health with friendly bacteria, I highly encourage you to check out Jordan Rubin. His battle and triumph over Crohn’s disease has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told.  His new company will be producing some of the healthiest probiotic foods and beverages possible, as well as true “GreenFed” beef.


Good Germs = Great Health!  Get Started!… and Be Blessed!

Gail Seignious

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Dr. Norman Walker
"The key to health is simple: If we do not eat the kind of food, prepared properly, which will nourish the body constructively, we not only die prematurely, we suffer along the way."
Dangers of MSG – Pt. 1

"Natural forces within us are the true healers."

"Let thy food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."