Chew Your Food – Have Better Digestion!


Chew Your Liquids and Drink Your Solids is an old saying that is worth it’s weight in gold.

In today’s world most of us are so rushed that we rarely ever take the time to sit down and enjoy a meal.  If you start to observe people eating, you will be shocked at how they gobble down their food…and then complain about gas, bloating and an upset stomach!  It’s mind boggling to me now but I know I use to do the same thing!  Learning to slow down and chew your food will improve your digestion.

Digestion actually begins with our sense of smell and chewing your food not only breaks down the food so it can pass through the digestive system a little easier, allows digestive enzymes to mix with the food to help break the food down further, and gives you a much better opportunity to be able to absorb your nutrients!

Chewing your food...slowing down, being thankful and enjoying your meal…can truly change your life.   Why not make a conscious effort to enjoy your meals for the next week and see if you don’t feel better?  Try to appreciate the meal, the flavors, the colors, the aroma and taste.  When you eat too fast you really miss out on this experience…and it truly is an experience to enjoy every aspect of your food.  And, of course, the more you can focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds the better!


Happy chewing!

Gail Seignious

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Dr. Norman Walker
"The key to health is simple: If we do not eat the kind of food, prepared properly, which will nourish the body constructively, we not only die prematurely, we suffer along the way."
Dangers of MSG – Pt. 1

"Natural forces within us are the true healers."

"Let thy food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."