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MSG – The Hidden Danger In Your Food

PART 1 – DANGERS OF MSG – The Hidden Danger In Your Food

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Benefits of Cultured (Fermented) Vegetables


Fermented vegetables have been around for thousands of years.

Fermented Vegetables - Healing Probiotics


Rich in lactobacilli and enzymes, alkaline-forming, and loaded with vitamins, they are an ideal food that can and should be consumed with every meal.  They taste tangy and it may be a new taste for you, but you’ll soon feel that no meal is complete without them.

  • Help re-establish your inner ecosystem.
  • The friendly bacteria, the enzymes, and the high lactic acid in raw cultured vegetables add to health and longevity.
  • Alkalizing and cleansing.
  • Restores balance if your body is in a toxic, acidic condition.
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C.
  • Helps keep the colon clean and allow friendly bacteria to grow.
  • Controls cravings for sweets.
  • Improves digestion as they are already pre-digested.
  • Ideal for pregnant and nursing women.  Pregnant women should eat cultured vegetables to ensure their inner ecosystems will be rich in friendly bacteria.
  • Helps alleviate morning sickness during early pregnancy.  Once the baby is born, the mother should continue eating the veggies and drinking the juice.  The liquid from the cultured vegetables can be fed to the baby in tiny spoonfuls to relieve colic.


Gail Seignious, CBE – Body Ecology Coach

Reference:  Donna Gates – The Body Ecology Diet

Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet has helped many people who have suffered from immune disorders, candida-related imbalances or general lack of well-being.  She offers excellent resources and products to re-establish and nourish the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the digestive tract.


Healthy Food Is Our Life Source!

Organic food is a magnificent source of pure vitamins and minerals. We can all benefit by eating as close to nature as possible and avoiding toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, genetifcally modified foods (GMO’s),  MSG, artificial sweeteners, and other toxic food coloring and additives that have been proven to cause harmful effects on our health, like neurological damage, malnutrition and cancer.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Fresh Organic Food - More Nutrients!

The health benefits alone are enough to make us want to buy organics, but we still have to consider our budgets.


This is a great time of year to think about the possibility of planting an organic backyard garden.  This year will be my fourth year to have an organic garden and what a wonderful experience it has been!

First of all, it was a family affair, and the grandchildren not only were able to plant seeds and plants, but they learned where food actually comes from…does that sound shocking?  Well it is shocking to think we have gotten so far away from nature, that people actually don’t even think about where our food comes from…and more than ever, we need to be teaching our children.

It was worth every ounce of energy and money to see the amazement they had as they watched food grow from the ground.  Now I will have to admit I started out with a great plan, but as so many little hands were in the dirt planting, I finally laughed and thought we’ll just have to see what pops up and where!  As the children have gotten older, we have gotten a little better at sticking to some type of plan, but the joy certainly outweighs the little obstacles.

From that very first summer, they were all planting, picking, washing and eating vegetables, and snacking on beans and cucumbers!  We were eating, juicing or blending the majority of all our vegetables from the garden about six months…think of what a huge savings that is to your food budget and how much healthier it is.

So maybe it’s time to “play in the dirt”…have fun and eat healthy!

Dr. Norman Walker
"The key to health is simple: If we do not eat the kind of food, prepared properly, which will nourish the body constructively, we not only die prematurely, we suffer along the way."
Dangers of MSG – Pt. 1

"Natural forces within us are the true healers."

"Let thy food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."